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02 The Open Mind Method

We base language learning on the combination of a Chinese stimulation technique, Tao Yin.


Yin is Chinese gymnastics of meditation in movement that helps to exercise muscles and tendons, it also relaxes the mind and improves concentration. 

Nuria Sanmartín, Interpunct CEO and founder, was trained years ago as a Tao Yin teacher at the Tao Center in Madrid and began to use this method with children during the breaks of the English lessons. Soon she saw the great acceptance it had among the students because they noticed its benefits, and for the last 3 years we have been offering language and Tao Yin classes combined: this is the basis of the Open Mind method.

The method has been an absolute success because children and parents feel that we have an enormous need to relax. Students, parents and teachers have seen tremendous changes in the children's learning because they are much more receptive and concentrated in English classes, the have gained self-esteem, improved their memory, and learnt to live more relaxed and happier lives.

For us it is a priority that our classes are fun so that children associate the learning of the languages with something pleasant and very different to what they do in school. Children spend many hours at school, so we think that after-school activities should be something different that motivates them, offers them something new, and allows for better learning.

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How we get kids to have fun while they learn

In fact, it is easy to introduce a new language in playful contexts. Children hear the language as they play or sing, and inadvertently get used to it and learn vocabulary while they are entertained.


In a context of relaxation and ease, their brain is much more receptive to learning than if you give them endless cards or make them repeat wordlists without any motivation. On the other hand, if they have to speak English to win a game, they make the effort because they see an immediate result.